Rallye Total Look Vendôme 80: celebrating the glory of the eighties

18 May 2021
Linking the City of Light with the jewel of the Loir Valley in the unique atmosphere of the nineteen-eighties: that is the agenda for this year’s Rallye Total Look Vendôme 80, which will embark upon its second edition from Friday 10 to Sunday 12 September.

Following the success of 2019, SRO Motorsports Group is now putting the finishing touches on another unmissable event. As a backdrop, what could be more beautiful than crossing the great French national forests on idyllic roads before reaching the picturesque villages and castles of the Loire Valley? Of course, the automobile will play the lead role in this wonderfully retro movie.

Only cars from the eighties will be accepted, providing an incredible array of options. On this occasion, however, there will be no thought of competition for SRO Motorsports Group. Speed will be forgotten so as to enjoy the simple pleasures in life. This is an opportunity to take time: time to savour the landscape, to stroll in sumptuous hotels, bask in a Spa or enjoy the exceptional dishes offered to the guests of this unique rally. All of this while adopting the "Total Look" – the fashion, the hairstyles, the make-up and the accessories that instantly evoke the eighties. This, of course, will be taken into account when selecting the winners of the competition.

The menu is tempting. On Friday 10 September, after the Roadbook has been delivered, participants will head to Sources de Cheverny, a timeless place where watch hands seem to slow. The next day it’s onwards in the direction of Chambord, with a gourmet lunch at the Château de Rochecotte. Honouring the famous Saturday night fever, the day will end with the “Golden Eighties” evening at the Château de Chambord. Finally, on Sunday the destination will be Vendôme, a town of art and history known as the jewel of the Loir valley. During a lunch at Chapelle Saint Jacques, the conclusion of the rally will be declared and the awards ceremony will take place. While there will be no speed competition on this sightseeing hike, a concours d’élégance (for cars and participants) and a photo contest (including style, artistry and humour) will add extra excitement.

Several major brands have once again teamed up to make the rally a success, with continuing partners Pirelli, Champagne Deutz and Zénith Watches joined by Curbstone Events for 2021. What’s more, a portion of the profits will be donated to the Alzheimer Research Foundation. Clearly, this is the ideal way to end the summer!

If you are interested in participating in this year’s Rallye Total Look Vendôme 80 but do not have an eligible car, SRO Motorsports Group offers rental opportunities that will allow you to touch the machines that once – and perhaps still – made you dream. And, if you only wish to participate one day, there is also an option to join the event on Saturday.

Info: levendome80@sro-motorsports.com